Pushup Challenge

march 2019

pushup challenge

Ever wanted to do a push-up from your toes?

Or are you thinking, to hell with a full on push-up, I’d just like to be able to do them properly from my knees!

Well you’re not alone!

Many of us women don’t have the upper body strength to perform a proper knee or toe push-up because 1) unlike our male counter parts, most us didn’t do them as teens to compete with the boys and impress the girls AND 2) as women, muscle and strength is hard to acquire thanks to Miss Estrogen and Miss Progesterone.

Therefore we really have to work at doing push-ups (i.e. do them regularly to a point of discomfort) to be able to do them effortlessly like the boys.

And this ladies is a way to challenge yourself to do so!

Not only by the end of this challenge will you likely be able to do a proper chest to grass knee push-up but you may even be able to crank out one or two off your toes!

Yah with me!?


What to do next

1. Watch the following video.

2. Download & print push-up challenge tracker.

3. Go to BLF Facebook.

Track down the following photo and comment “let’s do this” or something along those lines if you’d like to join us.

You can do the challenge silently too, but support from and for the folks involved is nice!

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