boot camps

goal : A strong functional body that aesthetically looks great too!

James Park elementary (outdoors)

Monday 7pm
Wednesday 5PM
Friday 4:30PM

time & date


SEP 2 Wednesday 5 PM
NO CLASS SEP 4 Friday 4:30 PM

NO CLASS SEP 7 Monday 7 PM
SEP 9 Wednesday 5 PM
SEP 11 Friday 4:30 PM

SEP 14 Monday 7 PM
SEP 16 Wednesday 5 PM
SEP 18 Friday 4:30 PM

SEP 21 Monday 7 PM
SEP 23 Wednesday 5 PM
SEP 25 Friday 4:30 PM

SEP 28 Monday 7 PM
SEP 30 Wednesday 5 PM

what to bring



OPTIONAL: towel & extra layers when it’s cold outside.


Month Unlimited Pass: $100

Mondays Pass: $36

Wednesdays Pass: $60

Fridays Pass: $36


Pass & Class Reservations

buy pass

First, you must reserve a pass by following the steps below.

Once you have reserved your pass, you can pay by e-transfer to or cash at your next class.

reserving a pass

  • Click the "Reserve a pass" button below.
  • Click the pass you want. [For the month unlimited pass, you must sign up for all passes (Monday, Wednesday & Friday passes) separately].
  • Click “Danielle Feinstein”.
  • Click through date/time.
  • Fill in your first and last name and email.
  • Scroll down and click “Book Appointment”.

reserving a drop-in class

a typical class

  • 45 minutes
  • Full Body, Form-Focused Workout
  • Different Minor Focus Each Week (ex. glutes)
  • Beginners Welcome
  • Non-judgemental, Friendly Group

the layout

We always start with a solid warm up so that your body is primed for the workout.

The workout itself is a combination of body weight, resistance (bands & slam balls) and cardio exercises to build muscle and strength while boosting metabolism and burning fat.

We finish with a cool down of stretches and/or breathing exercises so that you leave feeling light & grounded ready for whatever the rest of the day brings you.

I’ll give modifications to make it more or less challenging to accommodate everyone’s fitness ability and injuries as best I can.

Lots of laughs, sweat & fun, but challenging exercises that produce results!

private boot camps

Want to start a workout group that meets regularly?

  • Corporation
  • Small Business
  • Group of friends
  • Family


Please leave a message and I will be in touch shortly.