not your typical bootcamp

MY goal is to coach you through a tough, but (hopefully) fun workout That keeps you focused on your form and respecting your energy, so that you leave feeling badass and not burnt out!

James Park elementary (outdoors)

MondayS 5pm
Tuesdays 7pm
WednesdayS 5PM
Thursdays 7pm

time & date


OCT 4 Monday 5PM
OCT 5 Tuesday 7PM
OCT 6 Wednesday 5 PM
OCT 7 Thursday 7 PM

OCT 11 Monday 5PM NO CLASS
OCT 12 Tuesday 7PM
OCT 13 Wednesday 5 PM
OCT 14 Thursday 7 PM

OCT 18 Monday 5PM
OCT 19 Tuesday 7PM
OCT 20 Wednesday 5 PM
OCT 21 Thursday 7 PM

OCT 25 Monday 5PM
OCT 26 Tuesday 7PM
OCT 27 Wednesday 5 PM
OCT 28 Thursday 7 PM


Monday Pass: $36

Tuesday Pass: $48

Wednesday Pass: $48

Thursday Pass: $48


15% off if you sign-up for 3 days per week or more.

what to bring



OPTIONAL: towel & extra layers when it’s cold outside.

Pass & Class Reservations

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First, you must reserve a pass by following the steps below.

Once you have reserved your pass, you can pay by e-transfer to or cash at your next class.

reserving a pass

reserving a drop-in class

a typical class

the layout

We always start with a solid warm up so that your body is primed for the workout.

The workout itself is a combination of body weight, resistance (bands & slam balls) and cardio exercises to build muscle and strength while boosting metabolism and burning fat.

We finish with a cool down of stretches and/or breathing exercises so that you leave feeling light & grounded ready for whatever the rest of the day brings you.

I’ll give modifications to make it more or less challenging to accommodate everyone’s fitness ability and injuries as best I can.

Lots of laughs, sweat & fun, but challenging exercises that produce results!

private bootcamps

Want to start a workout group that meets regularly?


Please leave a message and I will be in touch shortly.